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Why Did You Go Into Business?

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Once upon a time, you decided to start your own business. With dreams of prosperity. Prosperity around time, money & freedom. The idea was simple enough, you’re great at what you do, in fact, you probably felt like you were “carrying your boss” and so why not “work for yourself” and reap all the rewards right?

Your thinking was logical. Mathematical even. I’m a great technician PLUS I’ve been in and around business for ages = I’ll be killer at what I do plus running a business can’t be that hard right.

Is your business living up to what you dreamed it would be?

I know that’s a tough question to ask you. And you might be thinking of all the reasons (aka excuses) why the “picture isn’t complete”. So now I need to ask something of you. Will you play full out with me? 

What I mean by that is, will you get real with me? Will you take a deep breath, put excuses aside and be open to transformation?

Because to truly transform your business from surviving to thriving, you’re going to need 

  1. Awareness

  2. Acceptance 

  3. And Action

You might be aware of some of the problems in your business, but so long as you blame external forces (staff, hours in the day, the economy) you have given away the “power” to change.

You can only change what you control and blaming takes your power to change (and transform) away. 

Ok. So if you’re ready to play full out. I’m ready to show you how to make the transformation from “Business” to “Thriving Lifestyle Business”. 

And what I mean by play full out is “put all your cards on the table, hold nothing back and be 10/10 ready & motivated to do whatever it takes to achieve your dream of a Thriving Lifestyle Business.

Because if you are 8/10 ready and motivated you’ll get 50% of the results. 

So first things first, for me to understand where you are right now, I need you to take our Thriving Lifestyle Business scorecard. This is a diagnostic tool. And just like the Doctor diagnoses your illness to prescribe the cure, so too will I take the pulse of your business. 

After that, I need you to register for our next Thriving Lifestyle Business webinar so that I can educate you around exactly how we’re going to do this transformation. 

Once you’ve done these steps I’ve got some ultra cool things planned for us like a free Game Plan workshop. 

Now you might be thinking “what is she trying to sell me?” If all you do is digest all my free content and get amazing results then that alone is fantastic. Would I like to work with you? Probably, yes. Ultimately you’ll decide if you’d like my team and I to help you implement and accelerate when you’re ready. 

Because you see, I don’t work because I have to, I work because I want to. Cool right! It’s a “destination” that took me 5 years to get to & a place I’d like you to arrive at too.

So please enjoy the free content and I hope to see you at a webinar soon

If you’d like more tools to optimise your business, profit & cash, here are 3 tools that you can use right now

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