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The Brand

Cloud 9 Strategic was established in 2010. We reside on the beautiful Gold Coast, and service clients all over Australia. Specialising in Strategic Bookkeeping for small to medium trades and professional services, for over a decade Cloud 9 Strategic has grown into a thriving practice by word of mouth from hundreds of happy clients and you can read our reviews here.


Read about the difference between Bookkeeping and Strategic Bookkeeping here.

Cloud 9 Strategic exists to help business owners thrive. We’re on a mission to go beyond Numbers 101, to educate and support you to get cashed up, optimise your profit and build your dream business and life.

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“There is no successful business owner who doesn’t know & use their numbers” - Jeannie Savage

Our Team



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Jeannie Doherty

Jeannie Savage is a registered BAS Agent, Business Operations Specialist, Certified Trainer, Coach and Mentor. Jeannie is registered with the Australian Tax Practitioners Board and has been recognised by Women in Finance Australia as a Bookkeeper of the year Finalist. Jeannie’s unique upbringing was steeped in a culture of entrepreneurial success. From 16 years of age, she began to learn about business from the ground up. Until eventually, in her 20’s & 30’s, she helped her parents scale their last business from a 10 million to a 100-million-dollar revenue earner.

Jeannie’s niche is “working dads”, primarily trades and services and because of this, she’s passionate about the impact her work can have on families. Helping families thrive is what gets her out of bed in the morning. Personally Jeannie is a proud mum, passionate latin dancer & advocate for putting your health first.  

The Founder

Our Clients

Cloud 9 Strategic has hundreds of happy clients across a range of industries with around 80% being trades and professional services.  Check out our 5 Star reputation on Google.

You know what else keeps our clients happy? Our 3 POINT GUARANTEE.  

Our Team

At Cloud 9 Strategic we recruit only the best. Our team consists of BAS agents, Accountants, Business Coaches and Administration support. Our team is committed to the highest standards and ongoing professional education. 

Our professional team comes with a combined knowledge and experience which you simply can’t get from a solo operator.  

Our Systems

Cloud 9 Strategic has state of the art internal controls to ensure the highest standards of work and customer service are delivered. We even have a business continuity plan for each client's account to ensure that, if the primary Account Manager becomes unavailable, your work is not interrupted and your deadlines are guaranteed.

We take a “better every week” approach to incrementally improve based on client experience and feedback. 

Free To Shine
free to shine

Profit through Purpose

Free to Shine is a child protection organisation that prevents school-aged girls from being trafficked into the commercial sex industry in Cambodia. Our team of professionals conducts monthly safety visits and social work interventions, focusing on strengthening family and community systems to prioritise the safety and education of their children. We believe that every child has the right to grow up in a safe environment. Free To Shine's advocacy is also an ideal that Cloud 9 Strategic believes in strongly and one that is close its founder's heart.

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