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Jeannie Doherty - The Strategic Bookkeeper 002.jpg
“There is no successful business owner who doesn’t know & use their numbers”
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Jeannie runs a Strategic Bookkeeping practice on the beautiful Gold Coast, Australia. Jeannie has a unique business background, having been raised by high-profile, successful retail entrepreneurs she was privileged to attend the “school of hard knocks” and learn from the ground up what it takes to truly scale a business. 


Jeannie has dedicated herself to product innovation (in her industry) to develop methodologies, with a foundation in numbers, to help her clients transform their business from surviving to thriving.


Jeannie’s niche is “working dads”, primarily trades and services and because of this, she’s passionate about the impact her work can have on families. Helping families thrive is what gets her out of bed in the morning. Personally Jeannie is a proud mum, lover of Latin Dance & an advocate for putting your health first.

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Jeannie Doherty
  • Strategic Bookkeeper
  • Thriving Lifestyle Business Coach
  • ​Management Accountant & BAS Agent
  • Passionate Trainer & Facilitator
  • Proud Mom
  • Latin Dancer
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  • Using your numbers as a springboard for your success
  • Deam to done, bridging the gap between your now & future
  • The tech, process, team synergy & scaling your business
  • What is success for you? The time, money, freedom synergy

Cloud 9 Strategic is a Bookkeeping Practice registered and insured with the tax practitioners board as a licenced BAS agent. We have been established since 2010 and serve clients all over Australia.  Our head office is located on the beautiful Gold Coast. 

Jeannie Doherty

"My team and I are Strategic Bookkeepers. We help our clients pull more time, money & freedom out of their business. We do this with our 5 step numbers methodology, complemented by coaching & mentoring around operations & habits. "    

— Jeannie Doherty

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