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Software Review – Aroflo for Trades

Checking out the latest and greatest software on the planet is a hobby of mine. My passion began after working closely with a programmer back in 2002, on an integrated accounting package using the Cloud, or as we called it then, internet.

I recently had the privilege of reviewing 3 trade software programs, to select the one that best fit an organisation I was consulting for. The 3 I looked at were:

  1. Simpro

  2. TSM

  3. Aroflo for Trades

All 3 are great packages in an environment where frankly, we’re spoilt for choice for software. This organisation had some unique needs and therefore Aroflo was the only one that fit the bill.

No matter how good the software is, if it does not match the organisational needs, then it will fail to deliver the desired results. When selecting software I spend 80% of my time on the needs analysis, and matching functionality to needs, and the other 20% on the other aspects of the project.

Aroflo began with “high volume service” base trade work, as their main priority when building functionality. And it’s stuck to delivering on that, with regularly released new and improved features. Allowing trades to do more jobs faster, with less admin. Further, it’s true Cloud. It hasn’t “adapted” to cloud, it’s always been cloud.

The business I consulted for with 20 vans on the road, will be able to do over $1,000,000 more turnover per year using Aroflo, than their horrible custom built package. The business owner anticipates even more than my conservative estimate. Don’t even start me on admin HR savings.

The only “con” that I can see, is that it’s app is not 100% functional in non-internet areas. There is some functionality, and they will get to deliver full functionality (which simpro does deliver). Please check with them however, as this is only current at the time of this blog.

Some of the features I LOVE include:

  1. All the features and functions you would desire in a booking system. Including a truly beautiful (geek speak for functional) calendar with zoning (i.e. postcode) technology that put a big smile on my face.

  2. Parent and Child functionality around customers, so you can manage different pricing structures for one organisation (which I find most trades need).

  3. Best field service app I’ve ever seen. Fast and easy to use with “voice” i.e. speak instead of type AND the ability to scan products purchased so that they are captured into inventory and sales immediately (and much more).

  4. Email to task: If you receive bookings via email or PDF that come in the same format every time, for a super-cheap rate, Aroflo will write an email-to-task script to “scoop” them straight into the software booking system – say what!

  5. Smart inventory system, which is not over-complex but contains everything you want and need in your trade business including “schedule of rates”.

  6. Invoicing system which puts the boss in control.

  7. Aroflo for Trades is highly affordable starting at around $250 per month. Suitable for any trade business with more than a few staff, with a crazy implementation cost of around $1500 regardless of your size – say what!

So yes, there is no doubt, Aroflo is my favourite trade software to date. Feel free to give me a tingle if you want to chat more about it.

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