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Catch-Up Book Keeping Gold Coast

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Catch-Up Book Keeping Gold Coast


Lately (and maybe its just a ‘start of the year’ thing), we have had a surge in demand for our Catch-Up Services here on the Gold Coast.

Often catch-up book keeping is like cleaning up after a storm! There’s going to be damage with debris everywhere, and oh, where do we start? Importantly, no 2 catch-up jobs are the same. They’re as unique as you are. Catch-up work is not like regular day-to-day bookkeeping work, it’s specialised & requires careful planning (for specific outcomes and to keep the cost as low as possible).

That’s my happy place. The planning, and execution of that plan, to get you up-to-date and back on track.

Has the ATO got your ‘number’ and your numbers don’t add up?. Or worst still, your numbers are incomplete and your books are out-of-date.? Then it’s time to stop losing sleep and become rest assured that we will deliver the best, tailor-made catch-up plan for your Gold Coast business.

Here’s 2 good reasons to act now to get your bookkeeping, BAS & other obligations up to date: 1. Outstanding debts of older than 90 days with the ATO will result in a damaged credit rating which can last up to 5 years. 2. To shine a light on your numbers & find out “am I making a profit”?

Hi, I’m Jeannie from Cloud 9 Bookkeeping and I will personally discuss with you, your catch-up book keeping requirements. If you’re in the dark about you’re figures & obligations we can help. We’ll review your outstanding bookkeeping, BAS, PAYG (payroll tax) and superannuation obligations. Together we create a plan and provide a clear pathway to implement a fully-compliant catch-up, and deliver to you, some well-deserved piece of mind.

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