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Behind in your Books and BAS? Catch Up Bookkeeping our Specialty

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Behind in your Books and BAS?


Catch Up Bookkeeping our Specialty

Unlike other BAS agents, I assess each clients’ situation & carefully plan the catch-up. In a recent case, after assessing the clients unique situation, we took actions that added value he was not aware of. I applied to cancel his GST registration going back 2.5 years, based on threshold levels. We had $8000 in fines reversed, and had further fines on his income-tax account reversed by the ATO. The value added in this case was around $30,000 in savings for him. I’m so excited! I’m going to toot my own horn and say “this… IS Houdini stuff”. Are you behind in your books and BAS? Is the ATO’s on your back? Stop losing sleep and talk to me. Reach out to me personally because I can help! is our speciality (and just quietly, I love this stuff!).

Hi, I’m Jeannie from Cloud 9 Bookkeeping and I’m ready to personally discuss your catch-up bookkeeping job with you. Together we can create a plan and give you a customised fixed-price quote.

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